12/15/06 “Starmakers!” Pilot [VIDEO]

Last weekend we shot another web series pilot called Starmakers! It evolved from Beauty Queens (http://ellenfabulous NULL.wordpress NULL.com/2006/06/12/beauty-queens-pilot-presentation/), and a lot of it is improv. Again my husband Dave wrote, Brad Heller (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/name/nm0375280/)directed and I produced and edited. I also reprise the role of pregnant mom Crystal.

This one was shot by Ashley T. Hughes (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/name/nm1954248/) and stars JW Wallace, Eric Bunton (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/name/nm1012959/), Kate Orsini (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/name/nm1484198/), Brad Heller (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/name/nm0375280/), Boston Stergis (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/name/nm0827447/), Tamula Denton (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/name/nm3236404/), Jason Coleman (http://www NULL.blogger NULL.com/%3Cbr%3Ehttp://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/name/nm1940395/), Ellen Thompson (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/name/nm1088681/), and the adorable Morgan Hanley Smith (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/name/nm4102086/).

“Starmakers!” by Dave Nemetz (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/name/nm5460912/)
A gay couple from West Hollywood opens a talent agency in a small Southern town.

6/12/06 “Beauty Queens” Pilot [VIDEO]

In 48 hours my husband Dave and I shot, edited, and had a score composed for our web series pilot.  I slept for 4 of those 48 hours. Saw the sun rise two days in a row because I hadn’t been to bed yet.  Drank a lot of coffee and Mountain Dew. We did this for an FX “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” competition deadline.

It was incredible how everyone came together with so much enthusiasm for the project. I produced and my acting teacher, Brad Heller (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/name/nm0375280/), directed. Bay’an Hedayaty (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/name/nm2526507/) was DP, and Dave is not only the writer and creator, but also a damn fine boom operator.  Also contributing his talent was Steffan Fantini (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/name/nm0266925/), who composed the score. We found wonderful actors (Alex Vetangle (http://www NULL.blogger NULL.com/%3Cbr%3Ehttp://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/name/nm2443510/) and Eric Bunton (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/name/nm1012959/)) to play Blake and Christopher, and the little girls and their parents were perfect. I also edited, and play pregnant mom Crystal.

Life partners Blake and Christopher run a school that trains little girls for beauty pageants. Together, they just might save the world. Or at least train a winner.